Our Revolution Weld County Bylaws

Last Updated September 9th, 2020.

ARTICLE I: Mission Statement

“In the century in which we live, the Democratic Party has received the support of the electorate only when the party, with absolute clarity, has been the champion of progressive and liberal policies and principles of government.

The party has failed consistently when through political trading and chicanery it has fallen into the control of those interests, personal and financial, which think in terms of dollars instead of in terms of human values.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter to the Democratic Convention July 18, 1940

Our Revolution Weld County is committed to working to transform our community, both locally and on a larger scale, in order to bring about a peaceful political revolution. We shall work in the furtherance of economic, political, social, racial and environmental justice through education, direct action, and political engagement. Our mission is to remove the corrupting influences of money in our political system, and to support candidates, initiatives, and direct actions to this end.

ARTICLE II: Membership

  1. Membership is open to anyone who wishes to become a member who has completed and submitted a membership registration form either by attending a meeting or donating. An individual needs to have attended at least two consecutive meetings in order to become a voting member, or to run for an Officer position.
  2. Our Revolution Weld Countywill not discriminate against anyone who wishes to become a member on the basis of their race, religion, age, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, place of origin, level of abilities or socio-economic status.
  3. A member is entitled to full participation in group activities, including, but not limited to, the right to join a committee, run for office, vote, and participate in debates.
  4. No member can be deprived of membership rights except through disciplinary proceedings. Grounds for termination of membership include physical aggression or verbal harassment of another member or misuse of Our Revolution Weld County’s resources or name for personal gain, and termination requires a ⅔ majority vote of a quorum of members.

ARTICLE III: Elections

  1. Any member of Our Revolution is eligible to run for any Officer position annually or by vacancy. Current Officers are eligible to run to retain their seat or for another Officer position*.
  2. Officers are elected each February**, or if vacancies arise by a simple majority of voting members.
  3. All members are eligible to vote if they have attended at least two meetings.

*Decided by unanimous vote at the ORWC General Meeting 4/11/2019.

** Officer Elections moved to February to coincide with other local organizations by unanimous vote at the ORWC General Meeting 9/9/2020.

ARTICLE IV: Officers

  1. Chair

    1. It is a Chair’s role to ensure that business is conducted in a way that follows the rules or bylaws of the group, and respects and upholds the rights of all members of the group.
    1. The Chair oversees all meetings, and is responsible for ensuring there is a quorum, providing copies of the agenda (either physical or digital) to all members present, and conducting vote counts. The Chair cannot make a motion or participate in a discussion.
    1. The Chair is responsible for external communications. As such, the Chair must publicly display contact information so they can be reached by individuals outside the group, and must respond to correspondence and requests for information in a timely and courteous manner.

  2. Vice Chair (Co-Chair)

    The Vice Chair is responsible for internal communication – that is, updates, newsletters and direct correspondence with members, committee members and other officers. In the event that the Chair is absent or otherwise unable to fulfil the Chair’s duties, the Vice Chair will assume the Chair’s role.The Vice Chair will assume responsibility of any unfilled or vacated officer roles and duties therein.

         3.   Secretary

  1. The Secretary is responsible for drafting clear and accurate summaries of all group meetings (or ‘minutes’).
  2. The Secretary provides copies of the most recent meeting’s minutes at the following meeting.
  3. The Secretary maintains and updates the membership database.
  4. The Secretary maintains an archived copy (either physical or digital) of minutes, membership databases, bylaws, and other documents relevant to Our Revolution Weld County, which can be produced as needed.

4.   Treasurer

  1. The Treasurer is custodian of all Our Revolution Weld County’s funds.
  2. The Treasurer keeps a written record of all income and expenditures of Our Revolution Weld County, as well as relevant receipts, and can produce them upon request.
  3. The Treasurer provides monthly written reports on the financial position of the group, forecasting any budgetary issues requiring the attention of the group and recommending actions to address any financial/budgetary issues identified.

ARTICLE V: Meetings

  1. Meeting Schedule

    1. Our Revolution Weld County shall meet monthly.
    2. Committees shall meet at the discretion of committee chairs.

  2. Meeting Procedure
    Meetings shall be conducted following the structure of Robert’s Rules of Order.

    1. The Chair will first ascertain whether a quorum has been reached, then formally announce the opening of the meeting. A quorum constitutes 1/4 of all voting members and at least half of elected officers.
    2. Minutes of the previous meeting shall be presented by the Secretary.
    3. Reports from the officers, boards and committees.
    4. Address old business. If there are any motions pending from a previous meeting, they should be considered at this time.
    5. Address new business. Members can introduce new items of business. New business can be proposed before the start of a meeting, or during the meeting.
    6. Conclusion / breakout into committees.

ARTICLE VI: Committees

  1. Standing Committees

    The Standing Committees of Our Revolution WeldCounty shall be…

    1. Endorsement Committee
      1. The Endorsement Committee is responsible for the evaluation of candidates and ballot initiatives that wish to be endorsed by Our Revolution Weld County
      2. The Endorsement Committee shall be responsible for outreach, applications, candidate interviews, and presenting recommendations to the voting members of Our Revolution Weld County.
      3. The Endorsement Committee shall submit all endorsed candidates and initiatives to Our Revolution Colorado and Our Revolution National for endorsement.
      4. Any member of ORWC in good standing may serve on the Endorsement Committee.
    2. Legislative Action Committee (*)
      1. The Legislative Action Committee is responsible for crafting, reviewing, and refining legislative actions and initiatives.
      2. All legislative action should be viewed through the lens of ORWC, the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, Voters, and Industries impacted.
      3. It is the goal of the Legislative Action Committee to craft and guide legislative action in such a way to drive voter turnout, deliver on substantive change, and circumvent opposition.
      4. Any member of ORWC in good standing may serve on the Legislative Action Committee.

* Decided by unanimous vote at the ORWC General Meeting 4/11/2019.

  1. Serving on Committees

    1. Committees are open to anyone who wishes to serve on them.
    2. All members are encouraged to serve on at least one committee.

  2. Forming New Committees

    1. New committees may be created or dissolved as needed through a ⅔ majority vote.
    2. The Secretary shall record the name and description of any new committees, and include this information within the bylaws as an amendment.

ARTICLE VII: Amending Bylaws

  1. Proposals to amend the bylaws must be submitted to the Chair.
  2. Once a proposal to amend the bylaws has been received, it is the Chair’s responsibility to disseminate the full text of the amendment to all voting members at least five days prior to the meeting at which the amendment will be voted on.
  3. Bylaws can be amended with a ⅔ majority vote of all voting members of Our Revolution Weld County.
  4. If turnout at a meeting is insufficient to reach a ⅔ majority, an amendment vote can be tabled for the following meeting.
  5. Amendments must be adopted using the exact language used during the vote. No alterations can be made to an amendment after a vote.
  6. Once an amendment has been approved, the Secretary shall alter all Bylaws documents accordingly, and update the date at the top to reflect when the changes were made.