Our Revolution Weld County does not condone violence in any form. We are a group of people working for a more inclusive government through policy change and peaceful political discourse. We believe our platform helps all Americans, and our goal is not division, but unity.

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Our Revolution Weld County is dedicated to fulfilling Bernie Sanders‘ mission of changing the Democratic Party from the grassroots up. The Revolution continues here.

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Importance of Being Seen and Heard

With social distancing and minimal contact it has become increasingly difficult to get our progressive movement out there. It is vital to our democracy and to our movements future that we keep the pressure up and make sure nobody forgets about us. Even though Bernie is no longer in the race we need to keep up the fight. In fact, it is more important then ever to keep the pressure going. Keep pushing progressive ideals and keep supporting your local progressive candidates.

To this effect we have created a couple profile images you can use for all your social feeds and social distancing activities. Things like video meetings, hang outs, town halls are all great places to proudly display your OR affiliation and that we progressives are not going anywhere.


Please use these as often as you can especially during political events and social feeds. Thank you and keep up the great work! We are making a huge impact on our world for the better!

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Register to Vote

Progressive Economic Pledge: 5 Pillars

Take a stance. By filling out this form, you are pledging to fight for the passage of the following five (5) policies.


Higher Wages

I pledge to fight for a $15 minimum wage and collective bargaining and to work on behalf of the American worker instead of corporate donors.

Medicare for All

I pledge to fight for a single payer, Medicare for All healthcare system that transforms healthcare in this country into a right, not a privilege.

Green New Deal

I pledge to fight for a 10-year plan to mobilize every aspect of American society to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and create millions of new high wage jobs building the infrastructure and industries of the new economy.

College for All

I pledge to fight for free College for All so that everyone can get to live the American dream, not just the wealthy elite.

End The Corruption

I pledge to fight for a constitutional amendment to ban the private financing of elections and to use all available paths to that amendment so we can once again have free and fair elections.

Please sign so they can see how many people want these policies and ask your representatives to do the same!


Learn to use the power you already have!

It only takes a little extra effort to influence real political change.

Our Revolution Weld County Bylaws