Progressive Candidate Cheat Sheet

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Use this table as a quick and dirty way to see who you may be voting for and if they show the progressive values we are looking for.

To find out who your candidates are you will need to look up your voter information at Enter your information then save the County and District information someplace you can find it easy. I like to print off a small copy and keep it with me. That way I know what I can participate in for all of the official party functions.

It should be a list that looks like this example.

Precinct 4135062319
Congressional 4
State of Colorado
State Board of Education At Large
State Board of Education 4
University of Colorado Regents At Large
University of Colorado Regents 4
State Senate 13
State House 50
Judicial 19
County Weld
Municipality Greeley
Greeley City Ward 2
Weld County School District 6
Aims College District
High Plains Library District
Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District

Candidates with our approval are ones that have taken the Progressive Economic Pledge or have stances that match or exceed 50% of the Peoples Platform.

Use the search box below to search for your candidates.

OR ApprovedCandidate NameOfficeDistrictPartyWrite InIncumbent IndicatorQualified for ballotWebsite
Yes! ORWC Endorsed!Holly Anne HersonState House48Democratic PartyNNN
Yes! ORWC Endorsed #TeamLorena2020Lorena GarciaUS SenateStateDemocratic PartyNNN
YesAndrew RomanoffUS SenateStateDemocratic
NO!John W. HickenlooperUS SenateStateDemocratic PartyNNNNope!
Stephany Rose SpauldingUS SenateState
Trish ZornioUS
Diana BrayUS SenateStateDemocratic PartyNNN
David GoldfischerUS SenateStateDemocratic PartyNNN
Critter MiltonUS SenateStateDemocratic PartyNNN
Michelle Ferrigno WarrenUS SenateStateDemocratic PartyNNN
Geneiveve Ann SchneiderState House63Democratic PartyNNN
Matthew MartinezState House62Democratic
Donald E. ValdezState House62Democratic PartyNYN
Julie Lynn McCluskieState House61Democratic PartyNYN
Lori BoydstonState House60Democratic PartyNNN
Barbara McLachlanState House59Democratic
Colin WilhelmState House57Democratic PartyNNN
Maria-Vittoria CarminatiState House56Democratic
Jennifer ArndtState House53Democratic PartyNYN
Cathy KippState House52Democratic
Mary YoungState House50Democratic
Yara ZokaieState House49Democratic PartyNNN
Brianna Anastasia BuentelloState House47Democratic PartyNYN
Daneya Leigh EsgarState House46Democratic PartyNYN
Katie BarrettState House45Democratic
Kyra D. StorojevState House44Democratic
Jennifer MitkowskiState House43Democratic PartyNNN
Dominique JacksonState House42Democratic
David AarestadState House41Democratic PartyNNN
Iman JodehState House41Democratic
Maya WheelerState House41Democratic
Naquetta RicksState House40Democratic PartyNNN
John RonquilloState House40Democratic
Candice FergusonState House38Democratic PartyNNN
David Daniel OrtizState House38Democratic PartyNNN
Tom SullivanState House37Democratic PartyNYN
Jacque Stephan Scott Sr.State House36Democratic PartyNNN
Mike WeissmanState House36Democratic
Carlos Rey LopezState Senate35Democratic PartyNNN
Shannon BirdState House35Democratic
Kyle MullicaState House34Democratic PartyNYN
James ColemanState Senate33Democratic PartyNNN
Angela WilliamsState Senate33Democratic
Matt GrayState House33Democratic
Adrienne BenavidezState House32Democratic PartyNYN
Chris HansenState Senate31Democratic
Maria OrmsState Senate31Democratic PartyNNN
Yadira CaraveoState House31Democratic
Dafna Michaelson JenetState House30Democratic
Rhonda FieldsState Senate29Democratic PartyNYN
Lindsey N. DaughertyState House29Democratic
Amber HottState House29Democratic
Karen Frances KalavityState House29Democratic PartyNNN
Victoria Josephine LopezState House29Democratic
Janet P. BucknerState Senate28Democratic
Kerry TipperState House28Democratic PartyNYN
Chris KolkerState Senate27Democratic
Larry Thompson Sr.State Senate27Democratic PartyNNN
Brianna Caterina TitoneState House27Democratic
Jeff BridgesState Senate26Democratic
Dylan O. RobertsState House26Democratic
Paula Jane DickersonState Senate25Democratic
Christina FullerState Senate25Democratic PartyNNN
Lisa Ann CutterState House25Democratic
Monica DuranState House24Democratic
Sally BoccellaState Senate23Democratic
Galina Siergiejczyk-NicollState Senate23Democratic
Chris KennedyState House23Democratic
Gabriel Shawn McArthurState House22Democratic PartyNNN
Mary K. ParkerState House22Democratic PartyNNN
Dominick Anselmo MorenoState Senate21Democratic
Liz RosenbaumState House21Democratic PartyNNN
Megan FossingerState House20Democratic
Michael DoughertyDistrict Attorney20Democratic PartyNYN
Rachel ZenzingerState Senate19Democratic PartyNYN
Stephen FenbergState Senate18Democratic PartyNYN
Marc Alan SnyderState House18Democratic PartyNYN
Matt MaillaroDistrict Attorney18Democratic
Amy L. PaddenDistrict Attorney18Democratic PartyNNN
John Michael KellyState Senate17Democratic
Sonya Jaquez LewisState Senate17Democratic
Thomas Earl Exum Sr.State House17Democratic
Brian Scott MasonDistrict Attorney17Democratic PartyNNN
Christopher WrightState House15Democratic PartyNNN
Joann GinalState Senate14Democratic
Judith AmabileState House13Democratic PartyNNN
Tracey BernettState House12Democratic PartyNNN
Cynthia MartinezState House12Democratic
Robert Samuel WillettDistrict Attorney12Democratic PartyNNN
Karen McCormickState House11Democratic PartyNNN
Kaitlin TurnerDistrict Attorney11Democratic PartyNYN
Melanie BernhardtState Senate10Democratic PartyNNN
Randal McCallianState Senate10Democratic PartyNNN
Edie HootonState House10Democratic
Jeffrey E. ChostnerDistrict Attorney10Democratic PartyNYN
Emily SirotaState House09Democratic
Leslie HerodState House08Democratic PartyNYN
Gordon McLaughlinDistrict Attorney08Democratic
Nathan ClayUS House07Democratic PartyNNN
Karla EsserBoard of Ed07Democratic
Nolbert ChavezCU Regent07Democratic PartyNNN
Jennifer BaconState House07Democratic
Bernard DouthitState House07Democratic PartyNNN
Terrence "Big T" HughesState House07Democratic PartyNNN
Simon MaghakyanState House07Democratic PartyNNN
Jaimie KulikowskiUS House06Democratic PartyNNN
Ilana SpiegelCU Regent06Democratic
Nathan AdamsState House06Democratic
Hazel GibsonState House06Democratic PartyNNN
Dan HimelspachState House06Democratic
Robert MessmanState House06Democratic PartyNNN
Steven PaletzState House06Democratic PartyNNN
Steven WoodrowState House06Democratic PartyNNN
Christian ChampagneDistrict Attorney06Democratic PartyNYN
Ryan LucasUS House05Democratic PartyNNN
Christopher ThomasonState House05Democratic PartyNNN
Alex ValdezState House05Democratic
Braden C. AngelDistrict Attorney05Democratic
Heidi McCollumDistrict Attorney05Democratic PartyNNN
Serena Gonzales-GutierrezState House04Democratic PartyNYN
James IacinoUS House03Democratic PartyNNN
Meg FroelichState House03Democratic PartyNYN
Henry L. SolanoDistrict Attorney03Democratic PartyNYN
Dave GrossCU Regent02Democratic
Aaron HarberCU Regent02Democratic
Callie Marie RennisonCU Regent02Democratic PartyNNN
Alec GarnettState House02Democratic PartyNYN
Beth McCannDistrict Attorney02Democratic
Gabrielle WatsonUS House01Democratic PartyNNN
Charlie Madison WintersUS House01Democratic PartyNNN
Lisa EscárcegaBoard of Ed01Democratic
Valentina "Val" FloresBoard of Ed01Democratic PartyNYN
Donna MorgansternBoard of Ed01Democratic
Susan LontineState House01Democratic PartyNYN
Alexis KingDistrict Attorney01Democratic PartyNNN
Jake LillyDistrict Attorney01Democratic PartyNNN
Josh RaazDistrict Attorney01Democratic PartyNNN

*List pulled from Colorado State Secretary Website: on 3/5/2020.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us or come to our events. We would love to see you there!

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