Our Revolution Weld County is dedicated to fulfilling Bernie Sanders‘ mission of changing the Democratic Party from the grassroots up. The Revolution continues here.

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Important Primary Voting Information

Only vote for a presidential candidate that is still in the race. Votes for candidates that are no longer in the race will not be able to be recast or changed. Make your vote count and vote for someone still running!

Our Presidential Candidate of Choice!

Candidates That Dropped Out

If your primary choice has dropped out please vote for your second choice. We ask you to cast your vote for Bernie Sanders! He is the leader we need to create the systemic change this country, and this world needs, for a prosperous and bright future.

  • Andrew Yang
  • Cory Booker
  • John K. Delaney
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Michael Bennet
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Register to Vote

Progressive Economic Pledge: 5 Pillars

Take a stance. By filling out this form, you are pledging to fight for the passage of the following five (5) policies.


Higher Wages

I pledge to fight for a $15 minimum wage and collective bargaining and to work on behalf of the American worker instead of corporate donors.

Medicare for All

I pledge to fight for a single payer, Medicare for All healthcare system that transforms healthcare in this country into a right, not a privilege.

Green New Deal

I pledge to fight for a 10-year plan to mobilize every aspect of American society to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and create millions of new high wage jobs building the infrastructure and industries of the new economy.

College for All

I pledge to fight for free College for All so that everyone can get to live the American dream, not just the wealthy elite.

End The Corruption

I pledge to fight for a constitutional amendment to ban the private financing of elections and to use all available paths to that amendment so we can once again have free and fair elections.

Please sign so they can see how many people want these policies and ask your representatives to do the same!


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It only takes a little extra effort to influence real political change.

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